Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation is a high-growth oil and natural gas exploration, production and drilling company. Drilco is currently operating multiple projects in the Appalachian Basin of North America. Drilco owns and operates approximately 200 wells. Our strategy is to acquire quality producing oil and natural gas properties with proved undeveloped drilling potential. We will pursue any energy investment opportunity that they believe has the potential to generate successful results.

Drilco is a company based on the traditions of hard work, integrity and client services. Our reputation forged over many years, and three generations, is known for excellence in oil and gas exploration, water well drilling, site location excavation, single well jobs or complex, multi-faceted, high profile projects. Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation was founded on solid principles and the application of the latest state-of-the-art drilling and product technologies. We focus on safety, innovation, dependability and professionalism.

Drilco is one of the United States premier energy companies and is using its strategy of opportunistic growth, combined with prudent development and management of existing assets, to maximize value for its shareholders.

Since it's founding, Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation has remained committed to discovering new sources of oil and natural gas to meet the world's growing demand for energy.

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Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation
offers oil and gas investment opportunities through direct oil and gas participation programs. We focus on lease acquisitions, exploration and production in West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky, with our company headquarters and primary operational area being located in West Virginia. Drilco's participation programs enable investors to participate in the potential cash flow and the unique tax benefits associated with oil and gas working interests.

Why should you invest? Drilco Oil and Gas and it's small team of professionals have the industries strongest expertise in the Appalachian basin. The first and foremost responsibility of our team is to provide results with accountability and transparency in all their drilling operations. We all are aware that oil and natural gas supplies are on the decline, and the global demand is rising. The top ten oil consuming countries alone consume over 50 million barrels of oil per day.  All of this translates into opportunity for qualified investors.

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Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation
 is a leader in Natural Gas Exploration and Drilling. Located in West Virginia, the most developed, low risk,  under-explored basin in the world in close proximity to the North East Natural Gas Hub. Our vast experience and knowledge of the industry and area allows us to utilize these shale formations for future expansion and growth. West Virginia has multiple gas bearing formations such as Marcellus Shale, Huron, and Upper Devonian. Our goal is to develop and harvest the large area of un-tapped Natural Gas resources.

Why should you invest? As the world desperately seeks to find alternative fuel sources the consumption of oil and gas is increasing daily. Natural Gas provides a cleaner and brighter future for people to power their daily lives. As the world consumption of Natural Gas explodes, Drilco Oil and Gas stays at the forefront of this explosion by continuously seeking new formations and implementing drilling operations and lease acquisitions.

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Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation

Drilco Oil and Gas is seeking Accredited Investors to participate in the Drilco 2016 1H Drilling Program, LLC 20 Oil and Natural Gas Well Joint Venture Program.

This 20 oil and natural gas well program will consist of a planned 10 vertical wells and 10 horizontal wells to be drilled on tracts in Ritchie and Gilmer County's, West Virginia. The leases are already acquired and Drilco Oil & Gas will be acting as the operator.

To learn more about this venture please view and visit the links below:

Drilco 2016 1H Drilling Program, LLC Regulation D 506(c) Offering on the SEC Website

Drilco 2016 1H Drilling Program Short Summary PowerPoint Presentation

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