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Project Name: Boone County Huron/Marcellus Program

Gas project. We started on this project May 2010 and finished November 2010. Several thousands of acres of land. Each well  took 30 days from creating a location to putting into a sells line. Vertical Wells, IP are doing 100 MCf of daily production. Companies that assisted on the project were Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, and Universal. The gas is sold into Columbia NiSource. Proved virgin territory.
Project Name: New Milton District project

Oil and gas project. Upper Devonian and Benson. April 2009 and finished September 2009. 300 acres. Working on multiple wells at once, took 30 days to complete each well. Vertical wells. IP 200 MCF per day of gas and 10-15 barrels of oil per day. Companies Weatherford, Mcjunkin Red Man, Baker Hughes, and Neighbors. Sold into Dominion transmission. Great area for production and also completed multiple wells in a short time period. Drilco HBP acreage that Drilco had for years. Low risk lease hold inventory.
Project Name: The Ball Leases

Oil and gas project. Upper Devonian and Benson. September 2008 and finished January 2009. 100 acres. 30 days to complete wells. Vertical Wells. IP (Initial Production) 150 MCF per day and 5 barrels per day of oil. Companies Weatherford, Mcjunkin, Baker, Nabors. Sold to Cabot. Great area for gas and had great results.