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Three Generations

Oil and Gas is the very blood of the Dale Family. Hugh Dale, owner of Drilco Oil and Gas is a native West Virginian whose reach and knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry spans the country. A trusted source for oil and gas exploration, Hugh's passion is in the field.

Since the incorporation of Drilco Oil and Gas in 1995 Hugh and his small team of professionals have successfully explored, located and put into production over 200 wells in the Appalachian Basin.

Drilco is successful, because Drilco knows the oil and gas formations of the Appalachian region, it is second nature.

Drilco Oil and Gas Exploration Services Include but are not limited too:

• Negotiate Oil and Gas Leases

• Provides Landsman services to insure the lease and mineral rights ownership by Certified Petroleum Landsmen

• Provide Surveys and Mineral Plats

• Obtain required permits from the proper State and Federal agencies

• Obtain rights-of-way for roads and pipelines if necessary

• Grade and prepare the well locations and furnish a suitable roadway

• Furnish Drilling Rig and completion crews

• Run electrical or geophysical logs to evaluate the wells

• Furnish a service rig to complete the well and setup Frac tanks, crews and water

• Complete the wells by fracturing, acidizing, or shooting; the decision on the best method of completing to be made by Operator

• Reclaim the location according to State specifications; Drilco has received numerous reclamation awards.

Drilco has many year round firm capacity contracts on all major pipeline systems and crude oil markets

Drilco Oil & Gas

Leaders in Oil and Gas Exploration
and Drilling