Meet the team

HUGH DALE OWNER (PRESIDENT/CEO) – Mr. Dale has 35 years operations experience in all aspects of Oil and Gas Drilling, and Completion Operations. He serves as President and CEO of Drilco Oil & Gas Corporation. He has supervised the drilling and completion of hundreds of oil and gas wells in the Eastern Region and Midwest Region of the United States. Crude oil and natural gas production has been in the Dale family for three generations. As the Owner and Operator, he is involved in Drilling, Exploration and the Production of Oil and Natural Gas in the Appalachian Basin. His expertise begins with acquiring the initial lease to continued well operation and service, years beyond initial production.

Specializing in Oil and Gas wells and fields related to exploration and production

  • Development
  • Stimulation
  • Re-working
  • Servicing
  • Operating and plugging
  • Significant experience in midstream operations, right-of-way procurement and construction.
  • Pipeline construction and installation of all types and sizes over very rough terrain.
  • Well/pad site and roadway construction.
  • Installation of meter sites and tie-ins.
  • Contract negotiations for transporting production, and maintaining pipeline integrity over time.
  • Owns and operates commercial disposal wells and future plans to drill more.

Mr. Dale owns all of the equipment necessary to perform services outlined above with an experienced and talented crew, as well as a professional management team. He is currently exploring expansion opportunities of various types, and is always looking to meet new business contacts, especially those who may possess mutually beneficial opportunities.

Mr. Dale’s skills and areas of expertise are in: Oil & Gas Exploration, Oil & Gas Drilling, Oil & Gas Development, Well Stimulation, Pipeline Construction, Procurement, Energy Industry, Oil and Natural Gas, Completion, Pipelines, Due Diligence, Divestitures, Construction, Petroleum Engineering, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Contract Management, Contract Negotiation, Offshore Drilling, Onshore, Reservoir Management, Mineral Exploration, Petroleum Geology, Seismology, Commodity Markets, Acquisitions, Project Finance, Stimulation, Renewable Energy, Geophysics, Commodity, Geology, Minerals, Midstream, Earth Science, IPO, Mining, Investor Relations, Corporate Development, Land Acquisition, Financial Structuring, Hedging, and Venture Capital.


Cynthia Dale acts as Office Manager with the help of various office assistants and has eighteen (18) years of experience in this capacity. Her role in Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation entails that of payrolls services and the quarterly filings of Unemployment Compensation, Worker’s Compensation, WV State Withholding, Employee Health Insurance Reports and 941 Federal filings.

Various reports such as the WV DEP Report to the WV Division of Oil & Gas (EPA) which charts MCF Readings and Barrels on Oil Sales as well as the annual Producer Operator Returns to the WV Department of Revenue which charts a breakdown of Working Interest and Royalty Interest Owners Distributions in order to gauge Personal Property Tax are due annually. Severance Tax Returns are filed monthly, quarterly and annually. All reports are completed with the utmost accuracy and filed when due.

Cynthia maintains records to readily devise Operating Statements on various Partnerships, and see that royalty interest and working interest checks are distributed in a timely fashion. An excellent working relationship with open dialogue is maintained with all stakeholders who maintain an interest in all business ventures. Oversees Operating Statements to various Partnerships, working interest checks, and royalty interest checks maintains an excellent reporting system to all working interest owners.

She received educational training from Glenville State College in Business Education, with a Master’s Degree in Education along with additional certification in Education Leadership.


Brooks Javin is the President of Javins Corporation. They offer a variety of well-bore analysis, engineering and completion services within the Appalachian Basins. Javins Corporation has some of the most experienced directional drillers in America. Brooks Javins, President, was involved in directional drilling and releasing early research papers about different practices in the 1970’s before it became the common practice of today. Javins Corporations owns the patent on Downhole Directional Drilling Hammer.


Garlan is from Spencer, WV. He started his career with Ernest and Young. He graduated from Spencer High school and West Virginia University and he sits on the board of directors of FNB Bank of Spencer, WV. Garlan also does audits for the state of West Virginia. Garlan does all of the accounting and IRS tax returns for Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation. He has been Drilco’s accountant for 20+ years and structures all drilling partnerships and compliances