All Eyes On Drilco

October 8, 2019 – Auburn, WV

Once again the Appalachian oil and gas community has its eyes on rural Auburn, West Virginia and Grantsville’s Drilco Oil. 

The small independent operator has a 35 truck, multi stage fracturing operation underway on its 2018 1H Well Pad.   

While many of the independent operators have sold out and gone away, Hugh Dale, Drilco President, refuses to give in to the surrounding majors. “As soon as we are through here, we are drilling 5 more on this lease. I have  14,000 acres to drill. I’m not going anywhere.”

The Drilco team made multiple discoveries north of the Marcellus Shale and are set up for major production of oil and gas on this remote piece of the Appalachian Basin. Whatever comes next, many are closely watching Hugh Dale and Drilco Oil.

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