Drilco Hits Pay Dirt in Ritchie County

May 12, 2019
Grantsville, WV. –

Drilco Oil has announced a multi zone success, outside of Auburn, WV earlier this month, including a sizeable discovery in the Upper Devonian Shale. The small independent operator has been planning and developing a multi pad horizontal drill play in Ritchie County since early 2018.

The Drilco 2018 1H program drilled to depth its pilot vertical well in a field that Drilco has owned since late 1995. Hugh Dale, CEO and President Of Drilco Oil and Gas explained, “Our primary goal is horizontal well drilling into known and constant zones with a greater lift extraction at less cost, and exploration of stringer sands that offer additional opportunities for production.”

Though Drilco is not disclosing the specifics, Dale shared, “In drilling the vertical well, we can effectively identify the depth and viability of each zone to target our horizontals, which are double the cost, but traditionally many times the amount of production of your traditional vertical wells.”

The company, in partnership with Baker Hughes Inc., has already begun operations of its follow up horizontal well, the first of many horizontal wells, and says it hopes to be starting another multi well pad within the same lease in early to mid June.

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