Drilco Oil Prepares For A Multi Well Frac

Grantsville, WV

July 14, 2019

Drilco Oil and Gas is preparing for a large scale multi stage frac in Ritchie County.  

The horizontal well trend continues in West Virginia. Drilco Oil and Gas has successfully navigated a 2460’ horizontal leg just below 3000’ depth In Ritchie County.  The Drilco 2018 1H Drilling Project drilled to depth a pilot vertical well in May and made multiple discoveries. Their follow up horizontal well was completed early last month.

“You have to have the vertical log to have any chance at successful horizontal extraction, without the log, your driving blind” said Hugh Dale, President of Drilco Oil and Gas.

Drilco is aggressively developing the nearly 1000 acre leasehold outside of Auburn, WV. They are currently setting up for a multi stage fracturing operation on both wells in their 1H project. Dale would not disclose the specifics of their discoveries but stated they were substantial enough that they have added a 5 stage frac to their pilot well. We are perforating multiple zones that have tested positive for both oil and gas, and we will produce from all zones at once.

As many of the independent operators are selling out and moving on, Drilco seems determined to be a player amongst all the majors.

They are already setting up to drill 3 more wells right next door.

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